"Too much brain and not enough day... I’m starting to think I need a 40 hour day just to get everything I creatively want out of my head" says a self-declared lifetime student of the DJ / Producer craft George Carrasco aka Matches. George was given a second chance at life after walking away from an accident that nearly took his life. "Being able to walk away from a smoking rubble of twisted metal, gives you a new perspective on life when God is gracious enough to offer you a do-over at life," says George with an exhausted gasp, “You take it and don’t ask questions. Things happen for a reason.”

So with a new lease on life, a new chapter opens. Always a long time fan of electronic music and having dabbled with early versions of PC based music production software in his spare time, he begins to approach it with a renewed conviction bouncing ideas off of other producer and DJ buddies that had that would eventually lead to a city wide support of his productions. Fast forward a bit… and a slew of releases on noted indy labels, a few mentions in cd compilations in Europe as well as a couple of moniker changes later (ClockwErk and now Matches) George decides to touch base with long time friend Daniel Gomez… You might know him by Discotech, Señor Stereo… or Danny Daze… and they proceed to hit the studio as they had along the years in 12 to 14 hour sessions churning out tunes that would grace their own personal arsenals until “If This” is born… It would sit on the shelf for four or five months before deciding on looking for a home that would give it the right recognition it… then Rene Noir Kristensen of Noir Music writes back raving about the tune and that he wants it for his next signature compilation “Second Chances/New Romances”. Release day comes and the support is tremendous! Aside from a feedback list of guys like DJ T, DJ Hell, Marc Romboy, Alex Niggeamann, Kruse and Nuernberg, Lee Foss, Jimpster, SIS, Catz n Dogz, Jamie Jones, Carlo Lio, Michel de Hey, Kev O’Brien, Alex Flatner, Chris Gruber, Channel X as well as breaking the Resident Advisor’s Top 50 Charted Tracks for December 2011.

So when do you make the call on having gone full circle, what determines the next move? Push to be a globetrotting DJ and get to play all over the world, or make your mark as an artist… as a musician..? "To me, it’s doing everything possible leaving the biggest footprint on both sides," he says. "I’m never going to stop writing. Music has gone from becoming my hobby to an extension of my life that I cannot live without, so unless something drastic changes, I will always do everything in my power to stay creatively hungry as an artist. The dance floor will never stop growing or evolving and neither will I.”

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