Usual Things Around

Manuel de Lorenzi, Paul DC and Samuel Sami Pirani are the names behind the "Usual Things Around" collaboration. After a long friendship and studio projects together, they decided to join forces and in early 2012 they began a new adventure.

Manuel needs no introduction. Already at the age of 18 he was resident at the notorious Aqva Disco Village, and subsequently he created a unique atmosphere with his own party, Clickhouse, and more recently with the Gallery parties.

From 2006 he was active also on the production front, releasing on international labels like Little Helpers, Highgrade, Aman, Unfounsound, Sleep is Commercial, 8bit, Half Seas Over, Akbal, Immigrant, Fontek, Recycle, Bond Records, Rhythmetic, Catwash, and Gastspiel.

In 2011 he began his position as Label Manager for the new label Indepth MusicRec, which has been growing from strength to strength on the back of solid releases and remixes from Jun Akimoto, Afrilounge, Markus Homm, Inxec, Paul Loraine, Maura e Monika Ross, Filippo Vicario, Giammaria, Zeque, Mobius Strum, Salva Stigler, Paul Dc, The Selph, Boris Castro, and of course the label owners Genetical Twins.

Paul DC was an avid supporter of the Aqva Disco Village parties during the 90s, and from there he developed his love for djing. Underground sounds and deep melodies are his forte. From 2011 he has been busy with Manuel in several studio projects, seeing them already producing an album for Half Seas Over, in addition to more releases on Indepth.

Samuel has always been extremely passionate for electronic music. Thanks to Manuel and Paolo he made a start with his own productions and he is now a central figure in this collaboration.

Their sound is something that develops from within. No rules and no boundaries, but only what they truly love and feel. Everyday we are surrounded by usual things and monotonous routines, and this project is aiming to break these confines. Their music varies from deep to sexy techno melodies.

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